During the first part of the twentieth century, many construction companies began using carcinogenic asbestos fibers in their building materials, including drywall, insulation, and ceiling tiles. Unfortunately, it was several decades before the general public discovered the link between asbestos exposure and mesothelioma, an aggressive and often deadly form of cancer. Although companies have since discontinued using almost all materials that contain asbestos, many individuals continue to suffer from this illness as a result of asbestos exposure. Fortunately, in the last ten years, doctors have made great strides in treating mesothelioma.… Read More

On the first Saturday of every June, Brigham & Women’s Hospital hosts a “Day of Hope and Remembrance” memorial service for the patients, families, and friends of the patients cared for by the International Mesothelioma Program (IMP). The IMP was founded in 2002 to treat patients diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused by exposure… Read More

One of the most comprehensive sources for mesothelioma victims is the International Mesothelioma Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Led by Dr. David Sugarbaker, the IMP not only offers state-of-the-art treatment and care, but performs cutting-edge research in order to constantly offer the latest in care to victims and their families. Those interested in the program should visit the new IMP website, http://impmeso.org/, which features a wealth of information about the program, treatment options, and further support for patients and their families.… Read More